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Workshops and Conferences

I am available for guest speaking engagements - either presentations or keynote speeches. I am also available for media appearances as a subject matter expert. Workplace e-mail has proven to be a hot topic and one of great interest to a wide variety of people. Please contact me through this site or at 647-988-2102 for further information.

Overuse of e-mail communication creates tension and stress in the workplace in three ways:

  1. loss of control as people feel powerless to stop the constant e-mail torrent
  2. greater isolation as human contact is reduced in favor of e-mail use
  3. reduced productivity as workers spend more time battling low-value e-mail traffic

Research has shown that for people who receive 58 e-mails daily (2007 North American average), nearly one hour on average each day is spent unproductively on e-mail. This represents a 12% drain on corporate resources, which depending on the size of your payroll, can be millions of dollars annually.

Consulting and Training

To help combat this problem, I deliver solutions using two methods:


New! Elearn program for organizations and individual use.
A one hour session designed to create greater productivity using email at work. Itís based on the book "Managing Your E-mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox", Copyright © 2003 Christina Cavanagh, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. As with the book, the theme of this program is common sense and trying to make more intelligent use of email as an effective communication channel. The approach employs a variety of learning and information methods, including lecture, quizzes and hands-on exercises. A unique feature of this tutorial is the articles that participants can download to use on an ongoing basis as personal reference materials. The result is a lasting effect and meaningful impact on individual email productivity.

NB: This program is SCORM compliant and designed to be used with most LMS systems. For more details, visit


Strategic - working with departments and organizations to assist them in isolating the unproductive elements in their electronic communication systems.

Examples of typical assignments are:

  • fact-finding to determine specific productivity problems and quick wins
  • selected research (questionnaire and/or focus groups) to obtain key data and provide information on e-mail overuse triggers as well as cost-reduction recommendations
  • establishing e-mail policies and corporate-wide programs and benchmarks to measure effectiveness

Individual - working with employee groups to provide training on more productive and practical e-mail management.

Delivered live:

  • one hour presentations for audiences of 40 people or more (further tailored for use with executive decision makers)
  • workshops for managers on how to lead the change to better electronic communication
  • skill development on e-mail context and content; 2 hour or Ĺ day sessions

Fees are based on the services requested and the nature of the established programs. If you are interested in reducing e-mail overload in your department or organization, please contact me to discuss options.

Guest Speaking